organic cake

Ecological cake

INGREDIENTS 1 stick of margarine • 1 cup mashed banana silver • sugar 1 cup • 3 whole eggs • 1 tablespoon baking poder • 3 cups flour The Margarine should be biological, spreads with reduced fat content and without Lacose, non-hydrogenated, non-esterified. Free preservatives, coloring and flavoring synthesis. Bananas should be organic, or originating […]

Recipe: solari’s cheesecake

Recipe: solari’s cheesecake Solari’s Cheesecake A.T. of Terrytown informs me she has actually collected dishes from the Food part of The Times-Picayune for 40 years. She came via with a solution for E.B. of Baton Rouge, that requested a recipe for the ultra-light cheesecake that was sold at the now-defunct Solari’s. This variation was developed […]